A recurring potential harm can be living in the grills of citizens. Rather than limiting the American barbequing culture, local Temecula residents, Matt McGrane and Danielle Slawsby, have recently launched a service combating the risks of grilling through their company, Bar-B-Clean.

Officially started in September, the business has seen healthy growth as they as promote healthy living. Their service includes steaming the hoods and cleaning the burner plates as well as everything in it. Reaching into the crevices and providing a service that protects customers from harmful carcinogens present on the grill surface. Bar-B-Clean goes to local customer’s houses with an industrial steamer and other tools necessary for properly cleaning the grill to a near new-like quality.

As Danielle elaborated, “there are major health concerns involved with a dirty grill. As you cook, dirt particles and carcinogens will be trapped from past oils and spread to future meals,”

The owners’ philosophy of a clean grill is a healthy grill, fully encapsulates the overall mission to enhance the taste of the grilled food and providing safety from any harmful residue from what is rarely cleaned.

Often documented research shows, the small wires of grill cleaners are caught into grilled products and consumed. Extensive surgery is done to remove the wire, yet the message still stands: citizens must be informed on the precautions necessary for safe grilling. Bar-B-Clean takes strident efforts to provide such a service and advertise the necessity for keeping a grill clean.

The new residents started their business to have more positive interactions through a flexible and more meaningful company.

According to Danielle, one customer said that, after he had the service performed on his grill, he saw a noticeable difference in how the food tasted. This is because the residue affects more than just bacteria on the food, it even affects the taste, she explained

Tracking the before and after of their service cleaning, the couple said the astonishing difference brought about by the cleaning has led them to high praise from their customers. The meaningful encounter encompasses their primary goal, to create positive impacts and personal engagements.

As Matt and Danielle moved to Temecula to redefine their lives and be closer to family, they have upheld a healthy lifestyle through using greener alternatives. Avid visitors of the various farmer’s markets throughout Temecula, they make an effort to support local businesses. Integral to their lifestyle, the two make an effort to live a healthy lifestyle while taking on the challenge to help others. However, they believe in the simplicity as to keep a clean grill from congestion to support their environmentally conscious lives.

Their unique service is not well-known.

“Years back, carpet cleaners and window cleaners were not popular because people would do it themselves. Now there are millions,” Matt said.

His hope in the new service may quite as well take off once more citizens are introduced to the service. Until then, the service continues to uphold quality work and promote a healthier living.

To schedule a service or learn more, send an email to matt@bar-b-clean.com, danielle@bar-b-clean.com, call (951) 225-8534 or visit them online at http://bar-b-clean.com/temeculavalley/.


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