Bar-B-Clean featured on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 List

Bar-B-Clean is the first registered franchisor offering Barbecue Cleaning. As the barbecue industry increases in popularity and more and more people are using their grills, there is a growing need for a service such as ours.  Barbecue owners are now realizing that “a clean barbecue is a healthy barbecue”.  Barbecue cleaning is necessary for homeowners, hotels, time shares, homeowners associations, parks, etc.  To customers, we offer the methodology and process, quality of service, and “A Clean Barbecue is a Healthy Barbecue”.

Bar-B-Clean is pioneering a brand new industry.  With little to no competition, the opportunities are endless!  86% of households own a grill and 99% of them use their grill throughout the year making a periodic cleaning necessary…in turn, making Bar-B-Clean necessary.

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